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When I'm sad, I remember you and it takes away all the pain.
When I'm happy, I think of you, and it only makes me fill with more joy.
When I need to be reminded of why I'm here,
I remember it's because of you.
Yes, I love you with all my heart.

June 20, 1999



This midi music is sequenced by Emilyn Pangilinan-Russo.


Leah Salonga

  Odette Quesada

I've known you for so long


You are a friend of Mine

Am            Dm               G 

But is this all we'd ever be?


I've loved you ever since 


You are a friend of mine

       Am               Dm                       G 

And Babe is this all we ever could be? 

        Em                        Am

You tell me things I've never known

         Dm                              G

I've shown you love you've never shown

       Em              Am   

But then again, when you cry

       Dm                   G 

I'm always at your side

        Em                     Am           

You tell me 'bout the love you've had

   Dm            G 

I listen very eagerly

        Em                      Am

But deep inside you'll never see 


This feeling of emptiness


It makes me feel sad 

        Dm      G

But then Again.... 

Em       Am

Then Again...

Dm       G           C

Then Again I'm glad...
I've known you all my life 

You are a friend of mine 

I know this is how it's gonna be 

I've loved you then and I love you still 

You're a friend of mine 

Now I know friends are all we ever could be 
(Repeat Refrain) 



This song is most lovingly dedicated to
Emilyn Pangilinan-Russo and her son, Matthew

from Gentry and Jocelyn


This song is affectionately dedicated to
Jeffrey Jathanna and all of
his Penrose High group
"We  will never forget you.
Haye wo kaise log the jo mil ke ek bar
Aankhon me jazb ho gaye dil me sama gaye"

Your maybe friends,

Maryam Shaikh,Ruhi Sharma,
 Dipal Shah and Sonia Kaur


This song is lovingly dedicated to
Chad and Keith
 "Thanks for being such good friends."

from Kris



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This midi music is wonderfully sequenced by Emilyn Pangilinan-Russo.

The guitar chord interpretation is done by Jamesness.

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