"You were in my thoughts the whole day, my love..
I felt like I was floating with the clouds being lulled by your arms..
Your kisses with me today were so sweet, so soft...
your embrace was so loving and tender..
Are these how you felt today?
May it be a raging and torrid passion or
a gentle and soft emotion, I could feel your love...
Your love floats with the wind and whispers joy to my heart..
I feel bliss in your every movement, in your every word.."

August 3, 1998



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John Denver


D                       G   A  Bm       

  You fill up my senses,     

           G               D  DM7/C#

like a night in the forest.

D           A                  G      F#m  Em

   Like a mountain in springtime

            G                A 

Like a walk in the rain.
                               G   A  Bm

Like a storm in the desert, 

                 G              D  DM7/C#   

Like a sleepy blue ocean.

D                       G   F#m  Em

  You fill up my senses, 

           A            D

Come fill me again.

                      G    A   Bm

Come let me love you 

                G           D   DM7/C#

Let me give my life for you.

D                                    G    F#m Em

  Let me drown in your laughter, 


Let me die in your arms

                                G     A   Bm

Let me lay down beside you, 

              G             D  DM7/C# D     

Let me always be with you

                      G    F#m  Em

Come let me love you, 

             A7          D

Come love me again

You fill up my senses

Like a night in the forest

Like a mountain in springtime

Like a walk in the rain

Like a storm in the desert

Like a sleepy blue ocean

You fill up my senses

Come fill me again.



This song is lovingly dedicated to
from one who loves her.

"You took away the tears and gave me joy.
     You took away the fears and gave me hope.
  You took away the lies and gave me trust.
    You took away the hate and gave me love."


This song is affectionately dedicated to Steve Johnson.


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