"You are my forever star
in my forever sky...
You are my love...
my forever dream..."

March 12, 1999




Barbra Streisand

(From "A Star is Born")


Intro:  A  Bm  A  Bm

A                        B

Love soft as an easy chair

Bm   E                    A     

Love   fresh as the morning air

F#m                     C#m7

One love that is shared by two

Bm7                      G     E

I have found with you
E7sus-E7-A                       D

Like   a    rose under the April snow

Bm7  E                  

I was always certain


love would grow

F#m                       C#m7

Love ageless and evergreen

DM7                   CM7-G-A7

Seldom seen by two

DM7      D     

You and I will make


each night a first

DM7      E            C#m7   G - A7

   Every day a beginning

DM7       G#7(sus)-G#7

   Spirits rise              

                   C#m7               C

and their dance is unrehearsed

A                               B7

  They warm and excite us


   'cause we have the brightest 
AM7                         GM7

Love- two lights that shine as one

Bm7            E             A                    

   Morning glory and midnight sun

F#m                                C#m7

   Time we've learned to sail above


Time won't change the

DM7          Dm(+M7)  A  

meaning of   one       love

                     B     Bb    A      Bb B B B C B Bb A

Ageless and ever evergreen


This song is lovingly dedicated to
"my darling husband"

"I dedicate this song to our love. It

is evergreen, ever-growing and everlasting.
You are my Prince and I'll love you forever!

Your soul-mate,


This song is lovingly dedicated to
"A love friend who passed away sadly missed always"

Love Always,
Chris and Hutch

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