"You've captured my heart, my soul and my being...
I want not to take from you, but to give you all I have...
And I believe in you ...Together we can't fail!...
Yes, we can't fail!!  We'll win in the end.....
because I love you....."

January 30, 1998





                        D Dadd9 Dsus4 D 

       Highway run


       Into the midnight sun

       G                                                                  D

       Wheels go round and round you're on my mind

                      D Dadd9 Dsus4 D

       Restless hearts 


       Sleep alone through the night


       Sending all my love

                        D  A

       Along the wire

       They say that the road ain't no 

        Bm                   D  Dsus4 D

       Place to start a family 

                 G            Bm                             D

       Right down the line its been you and me

               G                                      Bm                                         D

       And loving a music man  ain't always what its supposed to be

             A                   A

       Oh girl stand by me

              Em       G        D

       I'm forever yours  faithfully
       Circus life

       Under the big top world

       We all need the clowns

       To make us smile

       Through space and time

       Always another show

       Wondering where I am

       Lost without you

      And being apart ain't easy

      On this love affair

      Two strangers learn to fall in love again

       I get the joy

      Of rediscovering you

      Oh girl, you stand by me

       I'm forever yours...faithfully

      Oh, oh, oh, oh

      Faithfully, I'm still yours

      I'm forever yours

      Ever yours...faithfully



This song is most lovingly dedicated to Elle.

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The guitar chord interpretation is done by Prashant Andrade.

The lyrics and midi file are contributed by Elle.


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