By John William Waterhouse

"I love you...
I can say it easily because
it comes naturally from the heart...
You once said to me, it seems easy
for me to say these words to you...
but the words do come easy when I say them to you...
It is as natural as the breath I breathe..."

October 3, 1998




I Honestly Love You 

Olivia Newton-John

(Peter Allen/Jeff Barry) 



Maybe I hang around here


A little more than I should 

G#                                                           Eb

We both know I got somewhere else to go 


But I got something to tell you 


That I never thought I would 

       Eb                 Gm                    F              

But I believe you really ought to know 
Bb            F  Eb

I love you 

                 Bb         F  Eb

I honestly love you 
You don't have to answer 

I see it in your eyes 

Maybe it was better left unsaid 

This is pure and simple 

And you should realize 

That it's coming from my heart and not my head 
I love you 

I honestly love you 
Eb                        F                               Dm7     Gm7                

I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable 

       C#m7                           F7               Bb  Am7  D7

I'm not trying to make you anything at all 

              Gm                   Gm7           C7   

But this feeling doesn't come along everyday

                Eb                          Bb 

And you shouldn't blow the chance

                       Cm7     Eb           F7 

When you've got the chance to say 
Bb           Eb  Ebm

I love you 

                 Bb          F#7

I honestly love you 
(Shift chords one fret higher)

If we both were born 

In another place and time 

This moment might be ending in a kiss 

But there you are with yours 

And here I am with mine 

So I guess we'll just be leaving it at this 
I love you 

I honestly love you 

I honestly love you 



This song is affectionately dedicated to Douglas.


This song is lovingly dedicated to
to babes

"you know how much i love you.
i'll do anyting for you. i know that we're meant
for each other and we can survive this love of
ours. we might be facing struggles right now
but i know we can win this. always remember
that i love you so much 'till death do us part.
i love you. i honestly love!!!"

from love


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