"You'll come to know that there is no one to fill your emptiness,
There is no one to give you more happiness,
There is no one God-given gift but myself,
I am your One, your Other Half, your Destiny..."

August 13, 2000



I'll Always Love You
Taylor Dayne


Intro:   EbM7     Bb    CM7   Em
             Eb    Bb   CM7    G

                   C     Am   Dm  G
Iíll always love you
              G                 C  Am  Dm  
For the rest of my days
  G                            C                   Am   Dm  
You have won my heart and my soul
            G                       C      C7
With your sweet sexy ways
                       F                    Dm                       Em     Am
You gave me hope when I needed someone near
                         Dm              G          C   Am  Dm  G
You bring me happiness every day of every year

                           C     Am   Dm 
And Iíll always love you
        G                 C   Am   Dm 
For all that you are
G                              C         Am     Dm 
You have made my life complete
G                            C     C7                    
Youíre my lucky star
                     F            Dm                           Em    Am
You are the one that Iíve been searching for
                    Dm                          G                          C
You are my everything tell me who could ask for more

Bb              Eb          Cm
I'll always love you
                           Fm         Bb
Honey this will never end 
                               Eb            Cm
I need you by my side, baby
                                    Dm                 G    G7
Youíre my lover, my friend, oh my friend

C  Am  Dm  G
C  Am  Dm  G
C  Am  Dm  G
C  C7

You gave my world
     Dm                    Em     Am
A thrill Iíd never known
                        Dm                         G
And filled my eager heart with a love
                   C    Bb
To call my own

                          Eb          Cm
And Iíll always love you
                   Fm                       Bb
You must know how much I do
               Eb                           Cm
You can count on me forever
                                   Fm             Bb         
And I will take good care of you

                   F#       Ebm
Iíll always love you
            G#m                       C#7
Iím so happy that youíre mine
                           F#               Ebm
And Iíll always love you, yes
             G#m    Eb  
Till the end of time

EBM7   Bb   CM7   Em
EBM7   Bb   CM7   G

Oooh ooh ooh



This song is lovingly dedicated to

My Best Friend and Love
You Have Been The Best Years Of My Life

I'll Always Love You

Love Forever....
Your Special Angel
"BIG 3"

The guitar chord interpretation is done by Jamesness.

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