"I'm prepared to be nothing,
to have nothing,
but to gain you....
For you are my world's treasure..
Now, I really know the meaning of happiness."

"I'm prepared for anything too...oh!
for when I have you,
then I have all the world's belongings...
I could be the happiest man
if I only have you to share my life"

June 9, 1998


The midi music is sequenced by Peter Wolmarans

The Everly Brothers

G                  D

I bless the  day I found you

Em           Bm

I want to stay around you

C            G

And so I beg you

C          G

Let it be me

G                        D

Don't take this heaven from one

Em             Bm

If you must cling to someone

C            G

Now and forever

C           G

Let it be me

C                      Bm

Each time we meet love

C       G

I find complete love

Am                Bm

Without your sweet love

C                          B  D

What would life be
G               D

So never leave me lonely

Em             Bm

Tell me you love me only

C                     G

And that you'll always

C          G

Let it be me
Repeat refrain 

Repeat last stanza and last line


This song is lovingly dedicated to Merlyn.


This song is affectionately dedicated to
Forever and Always

from Sibyl1936@aol.com


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The midi music is sequenced by Peter Wolmarans
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