Love Me Tender

"I'll never stop loving you...
the wondrous glances of love you see in my eyes,
they'll never cease...
I've never loved someone as I love you...
I know this for sure...
and I know my love for you is forever..."

March 7, 1999



Elvis Presley


D                          E          

Love me tender, love me sweet

A                    D

Never let me go.

D                              E

You have made my life complete

A                       D

And I love you so.

D            F#7        Bm        D7

Love me tender, love me true

G                           D

All my dreams fulfill

D            B7       E    

For, my darling, I love you

A7                  D

And I always will.

Love me tender, love me long

Take me to your heart.

For it's there that I belong

And we'll never part.

Love me tender, love me dear

Tell me you are mine

I'll be yours through all the years

Till the end of time.
When at last my dreams come true

Darling this I'll know

Happiness will follow you

Everywhere you go

Love me tender, love me true

All my dreams fulfill

For, my darling, I love you

And I always will.


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