"You're the only one I've ever been
able to express these feelings I have...
You bring out the love in me...
This is how I know you're the one for me...
one of the many signs from heaven..."

December 27, 1997



The midi music is sequenced by Deb Ackley.

Tim McGraw


                 Intro:  G Em7 C D
                 G                                                Em

                  I was standing at the end of my rainbow 

                            C                                D                                   G

                  with nowhere to go and no heart of gold in sight


                  all my wishes were just way to much to hope for

                                            C                 D                          G

                  Lord, when I saw you I knew I'd seen the light
                  Chorus: (Double time)
                  G                                                                          Em

                  And not a moment too soon, without a minute to spare

                                                 C                                                    D

                  you touch my heart, when I didn't have a prayer

                                                    G                                                            Em

                  in my darkest hour, with my world filled with gloom, 

                                                       C         D

                  Your sweet love saved  me, 

                                               G   Em  C  D

                  not a moment too soon
                 G                                                            Em

                  I used to think that love would never find me

                                      C                             D                           G

                  and the one who cares was lost somewhere in time,


                  but when you found me I knew I'd found forever, 

                           C                           D                          G

                  You rescued me just before I crossed the line.
                  Repeat chorus: 

                  Em                    C         D

                  your sweet love saved me, 

                                                           G                                             Em G 

                  not a moment too soon  yeah-e-yeah-e-yeah
                  Em  C   D   G

This song is lovingly dedicated to 
Roy Lee

"You are my bestfriend, lover and soulmate.
I love you."
from Christie


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The midi music is sequenced by Deb Ackley.
Please visit her at MIDI Haven.

The guitar chord interpretation is done by Carl Cressman.

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