"All I've got to offer you is my love...
It's the only riches I have..."

"It's enough ....
Love is enough..."

February 7, 1999



Lyrics by Melanie Safka

Music by Lee Holdridge
(From "Beauty and the Beast")


                                         F           Gm             F     Gm
                                 The first time I loved forever
                                           F             Bb                  F         Bb
                                 Was when you whispered my name
                                         Dm           C             Bb          C
                                 And I knew at once you loved me
                                              Dm      C      Bb  C Gm Dm Bb C 
                                 For the me of who I am
                                         F            Gm            F     Gm 
                                 The first time I loved forever
                                    F            Bb     F    Bb
                                  I cast all else aside
                                           Dm       C          Bb      C 
                                 And I bid my heart to follow
                                                Dm         C           Bb  C D
                                 Be there no more need to hide    
                                Bm      F#7             Bm7
                                 And if wishes and dreams
                                         Bb7              D
                                 Are merely for children
                                            Gm                     D
                                 And if love's a tale for fools
                                       Bb         C7              F     D
                                 I'll live the dream with you
                                          F      Gm            F     Gm 
                                 For all my life and forever
                                                 F            Bb        F        Bb
                                 There's a truth I'll always know
                                                 Dm           C                Bb   C
                                 When my world divides and shatters
                                           Dm       C           Bb  
                                 Your love is where I'll go


This song is most lovingly dedicated to

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The guitar chord interpretation is done by Jamesness.

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