"Everytime I walk in the streets or in the countryside,
I would look up to the clouds and I would feel my love for you
will blend with them..Do you feel that way, too?
I would talk to the winds, I would talk to the trees ,
I would talk to the birds, and I would speak of how much
I love someone....and that is you.."



You and I
L. Bricusse

G                               C
   You and I will travel far together
Am                                 D      
   We'll pursue our little star together
B7                               Em  Cm
   We'll be happy as we are, together
G                     C                   
   We may never get to heaven
Bm                 Am             D
   But it's heaven at least to try
G                               C
   You and I are going on together
Am                                 D
   Till the time we have is gone, forever

B7                                       Em   Cm
   Watch the evening drawing on, together
G                           C                   
   Growing closer, growing older 
Bm                      C                  B7  E7
   Making mem'ries that light the sky
               Am               Cm
That only time can make
               G                 Em  
That only love can make
That only we can make, 
D            G
  You and I
(repeat 2) 

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This song is lovingly dedicated to Chona Arreglado


This song is affectionately dedicated to

from Tony


Mel my baby,

"I love anticipating the days ahead of us. Wondering
what we'll find in each other, in ourselves, before
another month passed away. I love being with you where
we are right now, together writing the pages about the
things we share as we go on. Don't give up on us baby.
Happy Anniversary Mahal."

I love you with all of my heart,


This song is lovingly dedicated to
my fiance,

"I love you now,
I love you still,
Always have,
Always will"

from Daniel


This song is lovingly dedicated
to the love of my life,
Mohammed Mushtaq Raje

"I love you very much.
You will always be only my silly."

Your life long lover
Maryam Shaikh

The guitar chord interpretation is done by Jamesness


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