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These are what Goodness and Love have bestowed upon us. These awards are very special to us because they came from the hearts of special people who share our ideals of love...For all your unexpected blessings, a heartful thanks!!!
May the Great Spirit bless you!

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Page 61
*Samantha's World of Life and Times

Page 60
*A-Wedding Day.com 

Page 59
*Our Internet Love Story - Karon and Wayne
*Petit's House

Page 58
*Samantha's World of Life and Times
*Chrisgel's Stationary

Page 57
*Annie's Place
*The Positive News Network

Page 56
*George's Home Page
*LacyBunny2's " Rainbow of Wavs"

Page 55
*In Loving Memory
*Poems and Reflections of the Island Princess

Page 54
*Scarlett's WebWorld
*Pandora's Lair
*My Mistycal Getaway

Page 53
*~Venus~ Goddess of CyberLove

Page 52
*Beach Place
*Gypsy Rose' Favorite Things
*IndyGirl's Home on the Net

Page 51
*The Knight and His Princess
*Little Angel Heaven
*Circle of Friends

Page 50
*The Love of My Life "A True Love Story!!"
*Angel Keeper's Cloud

Page 49
*The Knight and His Princess
*Minner's Home Page
*Shi-Fra-Sa Bulldogs

Page 48
*CandyPenny's Home Page

Page 47
*The Axhill's Family
*Little Angel Heaven
*The Homepage of Kirsten Harfot

Page 46
*Jill's Magic Moments

*Eros' Surrender
*Beatrice and Lucien

Page 45
*RyteLove's Kewll Links
*FantasyLove's Page!

Page 44
*Angel Touch: Desaint's ^i^Angels^i^
*Celestial Lady
*Quanyin Spirit Garden and Third Eye Images

Page 43

*Blissless Devotion
*Musicians' Network
*Brianna's Inferno

Page 42

*Inner-Space World of Lorien
*Home of Dan and Cheryl
*Chet's Homepage

Page 41

*Bassem's Poems Site
*OzRay's Guadalupe St.

Page 40
*Pat Swayne's Home Page
*Happiness is....Homepage
*Nanasee's Angels

Page 39

*Quanyin Spirit Garden and Third Eye Images
*Jeanne's Dream
*Kris' Krazy Korner

Page 38

*Eloine's Inter-Space

Page 37

*The Inner Voice Magazine
*Denim Dee's Lil Country World
*River Queen's Parlor

Page 36
*Natural Holistic and Alternative Healing
*Iris' Garden
*Angel97 -A Homepage from the Heart

Page 35
*Our Place
*Ginny's Home Page
*Lu's Gifsammlung

Page 34
*Spotlight Homepage
*My Little Place on the WWW!!/My Family Web Site
*2Lazy2 Custom Western Graphics and Web Design

Page 33
*Taibug's Doodles
*Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much
*Amor Omnia Vincit

Page 32
*Lady Care's Realm On The Web

Page 31
*Lady Care's Realm On The Web

Page 30
*Lady Care's Realm On The Web

Page 29
*Lady Care's Realm On The Web

Page 28
*Lady Care's Realm On The Web

Page 27
*June's Place
*Rinky's Realm

Page 26
*Dana's Memory Page
*Catskill Herbs 'N Spice
*Prinz Eisenherz' Castle

Page 25
*The Evans Family Den
*Worthy Woman
*Peggy's Intuition

Page 24
*Katie's Castle

Page 23
*Angel Keeper's Cloud
*Othellos's Korner on the World
*Amor Omnia Vincit

Page 22
*Williamsholler -Where Love Lives
*Bluboo Radio - 1970's Stereo Broadcasts

Page 21
*Sophie's World
*Welcome to Capricho del Cielo Havanese
*Fullmoonrising's Home Page

Page 20
*Maeve's Secret Sidhe Realm

Page 19
*Welcome to my Heart
*Pyschic Tarot Readings by "Mystic Counselling"
*LacyBunny's Rainbow of Wavs

Page 18
*Love at First Byte
*The Fox Hunt
*The World of Sita Atis

Page 17
*Eclipse' Best Site Award  (APRIL,1998)
*AngelHeart's Special Award of the Month (May,1998)
*Keystone Angel's Monthly Award for the Month of May, 1998

Page 16
*Angel's Home
*Rose's Homepage
*Angel Keeper's Cloud

Page 15
*BlueEyes Homepage
*Pebbles Page -The Rhynes Family
*Chrissy's Place in Cyberspace

Page 14
*Kleeo's Place
*Grimshaw Black's Homepage -The Blue Bonnet Bistro-
*Kathy's Koffee Cafe -In Memory of Dana-

Page 13
*Matthew and Monique's Love Story
*ManiNut Music Mania

Page 12
*The Delightfully Dazzling Domain
*Keystone Angel's Home Page

Page 11
*LilAngel's Piece of Heaven
*Homepage of Denim and Pearls
*Sarah Picklesimer Wilson's Poetry, Prose, Stories

Page 10
*Keystone Angel's Home Page

Page 9
*Openwings' Homepage

Page 8
*Yeshua Messiah
*The Scott Family's Homepage at Rainbow's End
*Dedication to a Great Actress -Alicia Silverstone-

Page 7
*Petit's House
*Ingela Hallgren's Homepage -In Spirit-
*Evening Light's World

Page 6
*Rick and Syl's Place
*Angels...Some Have Entertained Angels Unawares
*The Needham's Page

Page 5
*Bravestar's World
*Welcome to Clayton's Page
*She-Wolf's Lair

Page 4
*A Beanie Run Homepage
*Castle of Spirit
*Tammie's Home on the Web

Page 3
*Angel's Heaven

Page 2
*AngelDDD Homepage
*Pandora's Box

Page 1
*Angel's Touch
*The Zelda Moon


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