James and Ness

This is our first picture together... May 8, 1998

Our Second Meeting
-The First Week of May-

On the day I was supposed to board
the plane from Japan to US...
"James!!! Could you believe this!!!!!  Just after I sent you the
previous message and logged off, I received a call from the
travel agency...Delta Flight is CANCELLED!!!!!!!  ....
Why do these things happen?   aaahh!!! 
You just wait... 'cause I'm coming, no matter what....."
"Aaaahhh!!   Another obstacle...but we will overcome...
I'll keep checking in to see what your itenerary is..
keep me informed...you have my pager number..
Hurry to me!!!  Mahal kita...
I'll keep checking in at every half hour till bedtime...I love you!!!"
But this was just a test in patience because on that
same day, I was able to be on another plane bound
for America..Prayers coupled with tears are seldom
unheard. Thanks, Lord! And there you were when
I arrived, with arms open wide and
your huge, wonderful smile...Oh!!
I missed your warmth so much,
I felt I would melt when we embraced...
We're in heaven once more....

We are forever thankful to Laura for
creating for us this beautiful poem.

Two Hearts

Laura Pann
Angelandpups Homepage

We are two hearts touching in space and time,
Drawn together by our lovesong's rhyme.
Neither trying to stop the ocean's flow
Falling deeper and deeper into the undertow.

Oh Love; what have you done to me
I can't stop the waves rolling out to sea.
Sweet feeling; oh so deep and so free
Return with my love's gift, oh Ecstacy!
Tides come in with windsongs of love
How long must I be alone, My Sweet Dove
Until I have you forever within my arms
I must know; for I am captured by your charms.
Oh Love, do what you wish to me
I am yours and that is how I want to be
Our tears that fall will water the tender rose
That blooms in the garden where our love grows.
And when the time has come and I have you here
I will never let you go, My Angel Dear
Wrap your love around me; stay close to me
I will love you for all time; beyond eternity.
Back to Earth 

(after our second meeting)

It's only a day since my soul departed from yours, and 

I'm missing you so terribly my heart is in total pain... 

Help!!!! I know deep in my spirit that I couldn't live without you...

  I miss everything about you..... My day to day existence 

has no meaning to me...everything has no meaning....  

and my only goal in mind is to be with you  NOW!!! 
I love you so very much, so very much...

 And I have no doubt that you are the man of my dreams.... 

You are whom I see when I look at my reflection in the 

mirror every morning....You are whom I dream when I close 

my eyes to sleep every night...And you are whom I'd like to 

spend the rest of my life with... Oh!! I'd like to start the rest

 of my life as soon as possible! Mahal na mahal kita!!! 

Snuck in this message in between this hectic schedule 

just to let you know how much I love you and am thinking 

of you...you're my pride and joy...my heart and soul..

.my day and night...my everlasting life!!  It's very difficult to 

go back to this place after being with you, but the 

thoughts of you keep me going...I don't know how I ever

 lived without you before we met...and I couldn't 

imagine life now without you...

Our Prayer

Everyday we struggle with the pain of separation...
And it's taxing on both of us living this kind of existence...
But deep down inside, we feel it is necessary...
It's bittersweet, both pain and happiness...

Oh, dear Lord, grant us the confidence that
in the long run, we'll overcome all the obstacles
and our final victory will be our union as
partners in this life's journey...

We love each other.... we loved each other from the start...
we loved each other throughout our courtship...
amd will always love each no matter what the outcome is...
We know this better than we know ourselves...

Please grant us faith,
that we may see each other not with our eyes but with our spirits,
listen to each other not with our ears but with our hearts,
and perceive each other not only with words but also with our silence...

Please grant us patience,
that we may  endure the long waking days,
that we may sleep peacefully in many restless nights,
that we may bear the torment of our physical distance...

Please grant us persistence,
that we may have faith in each other's hearts,
that we may have patience to bear the pains,
that we may persevere in each other's love day to day....

And lastly, grant us your eternal blessings,
that we may have faith,
that we may have patience,
that we may have persistence

to nurture this love
till our everlasting union....


by Jamesness

***Listen to the theme song of the first memorable movie
we went together...
"My Heart Will Go On"  of TITANIC.****



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