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"Reflections" courtesy of  Danyel Seagan (Edited as a Lake Applet)


Our Souls are but reflections of one another.
Like the cold half moon, our lone existence portrays the cold dark sky,
sans stars, sans night clouds. But by being together, our energies
rekindle our spirits, rise up to a blaze that warms the universe. 
We become like the sun, the source of the energies ; 
we become like the Great Spirit, magnificent and eternal...

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far away in the distant abyss of the universe

Souls drifting, distance they traverse

Vibrant rhythm, radiant colors

Whirling circles, burning stars


journey of  the souls haunting the dark

in timeless distance of distant time

yearning fire,  rousing flame

flickering suns, quivering moons


among herds of souls such two spirits

kindled by piercing, raging nostalgia

searching lights,  racing comets

waiting Venus, watchful Mars


two blazing lights far-reaching out

calling the winds with long-suffering cries

meditative pains, passioned agony

exploding universes, falling stars


alas!  the stars etched a destiny

laid down the red cord for these souls' unity

choir of angels,  chants of spirits

flaring passion, love divine

-by Necie-


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the moon arising nights aglow

stars flickering, magnificent show

spirits exulting, chants resounding

  jubilant seraphims,  songs in tow



the universe prances

it's a celebration, the earth dances

two souls unite, a celestial merge

bodies entwined, love ecstacy

-by Necie-




In the still darkness of nights' eternity

I imagine I have you here with me.

We are closely wrapped within angels' wings

Our spirits fly freely; our hearts sing.

Soaring; falling into each others dreams

Oh! How lovely this consuming joy seems.

Surely our life was given for only this

Nothing else could bring such total bliss

When all is over when life is gone

Our love will still sing it's lilting song.

Lifting our beings toward Eternal Love's Own

We shall enter hand in hand His Heavenly Home.

And Love shall call us close to His side

With one touch He will dry the tears we cried.

Bestowing a gift that will reward our pain

The promise "You shall never be parted again."


*** Our deepest gratitude to 
Laura Pann
Angelandpups Homepage
for this lovely  poem.
She captured our very souls.***



A Beautiful Love Story

I love you because of your tender touch,

You have a way that truly means so much.

I love you because, we also work together,

A day of sunshine, and through stormy weather.

I love you when you are well or when your sick,

When your clothes are clean, your hair brushed slick.

Its a day of pleasure for me when I am by your side,

I love you just for being there with me when I cry.

I love you because you always try to understand,

I love you because you are happy to be my man.

We have shared our dreams and good times too,

You were there to comfort me when I was blue.

We will have days and many years for us to share,

Remembering the good times and how much you cared.

Our true love for each other will never, never end.

We will let others know how our lives just blend.

*Dedicated to James & Ness*
August 10, 1998

In Love, Always with pen in hand,
Sandy Zentgraf

No one may use any part of this without the consent of
James & Ness.

To  Sandy
Excerpts from Mrs. Leary's Daughter
(An Autobiography)

-- Our heartfelt appreciation to
your warm friendship --

-from James and Ness-


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