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We give our warmest thanks to
Charlee Compo for this poem...

Charlee, you touched a soft spot in our hearts...

To James and Necie: 
 My Tribute to Gentle Lovers

Love speaks to us in myriad ways:

It whispers on the wind;

It laughs among the falling leaves of autumn;

It sighs as rain washes softly on our faces.

Love speaks to us in blazing sunsets;

When soft morning mist dews the fields;

When an infant smiles;

When an elderly couple hold hands.

Love drifts on endless tides;

Across countries and over boundaries;

Along mountain tops;

And dipping valleys.

Love calls to us in gentle rebuke;

When lovers quarrel;

When injustice prevails;

And harm is done.

Love waits for us at every turn;

Waiting to be recognized;

Waiting to be felt;

Eager to be confronted.

Love is in each of us;

No matter the color;

No matter the race;

No matter the road we take.

Love is eternal;

Love is blind;

Love is in the air;

And you have found it.

Love can be held;

Love can be forever;

All you need to do is remember this:

Love is all we truly need.

Charlee Compo



For fun, we would like to share with you our Compatibility Reading
from  This has given us a good laugh as well as
a better understanding of what makes our relationship the way it is. 

A Comparison of Temperaments and Life Styles that Affect Your Ability to Harmonize with Each Other

Both of you have Mars conjunct or in hard aspect to Saturn:

     Both of you are well acquainted with frustration, and you

both struggle with internal and external inhibitions which limit

your self-expression, sexuality, spontaneity, and drive for

personal achievement. Building self-confidence, and learning to

honestly and openly express your anger and your own desires, are

important life tasks for both of you.


     You may be prone to chronic depression, dissatisfaction,

and resentment, unless you tackle your inner oppressors or

critics. Either or both of you can be rather coldly hostile and

even cruel, if you do not find ways to express you anger over

oppression, injustice, and abuse that you have suffered or



     Ideally, you can have empathy and compassion for each

others' struggles, and perhaps encourage one another to break

free of old fears and limits on your self-expression.

Major Themes in the Relationship: What Brought You Together

James' Sun Opposition Necie's Mercury:

     Lively exchanges of ideas are common between the two of

you. Fortunately, you understand each other well, but

unfortunately you sometimes have opposite opinions and

perspectives on an issue. Despite your differences, you work

together very well in practical matters, planning, organizing,

developing or communicating ideas, and your differing viewpoints

are not likely to be a serious problem.

James' Sun Trine Necie's Jupiter:

     The two of you really enjoy each other's company! Necie

has a great deal of confidence in James and is able

to see James' best qualities. You are very encouraging

and supportive of each other, helping each other to be more

confident, open new doors, and advance and grow in both inner

and outer ways. This positive note of good will and harmony is

also invaluable in helping the two of you overcome differences

in temperament and other stressful aspects of your relationship

discussed elsewhere in this report.

James' Mercury Square Necie'sJupiter:

     This relationship has a marked effect on the overall

attitudes and beliefs of both of you, but particularly of James.

You challenge each other's religious, political, and

philosophical beliefs. You may experience differences of opinion

that are difficult to reconcile. You are also inclined to take

risks together and speculate, sometimes foolishly.

James' Mars Sextile Necie's Neptune:

     You find it easy to extend yourselves and make sacrifices

for each other. It is easy for you to have an abundance of good

will and kind feelings for each other, and you assist each other

in achieving your goals. Your religious and spiritual

aspirations become more refined through this relationship, and

it is easy for both of you to keep your loftier goals and

spiritual ideals strong, with the support that you receive from

each other.

Other Themes in Your Relationship

Necie's Mercury Opposition James'  Pluto:

     Your conversations have a deep, probing quality. You

uncover hidden aspects of yourselves and, in general, you find

that you can share at a much deeper level than you can with most

people. If you encounter a topic where you strongly disagree

with each other, you will both hammer on this issue until it is

resolved or until death - whichever comes first!

Necie's Mercury Trine James' Neptune:

     You enjoy discussing any subject that has an imaginative or

mystical quality - art, music, fiction, theater, or religion.

You kindle each other's imagination and ideals. You work

together well in the arts, and humanitarian and religious areas.

You have a strong intuitive and psychic rapport and often

understand each other without need for words.

James' Mars Conjunct Necie's Pluto:

     You draw out of each other your deepest drives and desires.

The two of you arouse a zeal and sense of mission in each other

that makes it possible for you to jointly accomplish

extraordinary tasks. However, your fears and anxieties are

brought to the surface too, and there is no guarantee that your

zealousness will produce positive, constructive results. You may

become fanatical in an extreme and unbalanced manner. Also,

sexual passion, jealousy, and competition can be very volatile,

disruptive, obsessive, and intense in this relationship.

James' Mars Trine Necie's Saturn:

     You work together extremely well. You are able to focus on

tasks, come to an agreement on what needs to be done, and get

the job done. This is a tremendous asset for individuals that

live together and build a life together because the need to

coordinate on tasks, whether they are minor tasks like grocery

shopping or major tasks like planning career goals, is a big

part of everyone's life. You help each other to be clear about

what is really important and how to accomplish your goals. You

are able to concentrate and work together in a focused,

disciplined, harmonious manner.

James' Saturn Square Necie's Pluto:

     In addition to the harmony and fulfillment you may both

experience together, there is a difficult, darker side to your

relationship as well. Your deepest fears or character defects

are brought to the fore, and you must confront the very things

you have avoided or tried to hide about yourself in the past.

This can be a very painful process and you may begin to resent,

try to control, or suppress your partner. You are much too

serious and heavy with one another at times, and must be sure

that you give equal time to play and to appreciation of the

positives. Otherwise, over time, this relationship will weigh

both of you down.

James' Uranus Square Necie's Neptune:

     Bursts of inspiration, creative imagination and insight, or

strange psychic experiences makes your relationship lively and

unusual. You may do some rather bizarre or unusual experimenting


James' Mars Sextile Necie's Neptune:

     You enjoy watching movies, reading novels, discussing music

and the arts, and pursuing religious or metaphysical areas

together. You work well together in any area that involves a

strong imaginative element. The spiritual bond between you is

strong, and as you spend time together, your ideals and your

sense of purpose in life becomes more refined and intertwined.


"Kampay" being played at your pleasure

Please join  us in the refrain of Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi's "Kampay"
and give us your blessings!

Ima kimiwa jinsei no
Ookina ookina butaini tachi
Harukanagai michinorio aruki hajimeta
Kimini shiawase are!


Now,  you are standing on life's vast stage
As you begin to walk along the bright and long road
Here's wishing you everlasting happiness!

Thank you, Chika for this beautiful rose!


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