Pages of Our Lives

The pages that will now open are reflections of our attempts to weather the bitterness
of the pains of being in separation.   Through our efforts to be together not only physically
but in spirit as well until the time of our everlasting union,  we join in faith and gain
even more strength to live day by day.  And as we endure,  we believe we will
triumph with the true love and joy that we will reap when that
blessedness of togetherness comes.

Ours might be a journey filled with adversities, 
but with your company, we find light and serenity.
Our fervent gratitude to you for being here with us.

Our love sustains...

Summer of 1999

Our First Christmas 1999

Summer of 2000

Christmas of 2000

Summer of 2001





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and most especially, your "Cheers!" and "Best Wishes!"
- James and Ness -
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