Family on Christmas Day 2000


Christmas of 2000

And prayers were answered...
This year, we were together once more on
this blessed event of the Lord. 
Korea, where you are now on your
second year of assignment, might be too
distant from where I am now in Japan,
but every chance of us being together
is an occassion to rejoice...
We would always remember that
beautiful Christmas morning when
the skies danced with the bountiful snow
that filled the earth like white carpet.
We gasped at its beauty and gazed at
each other, thankful that we have
one another at this very special moment.

"You are the very inspiration that give me
the desire to do more each and every day.
My life would never be the same without you.
Thank you for giving me the gift of life..."

"I'm totally yours...
In my own mind, I believe that you and I
will be forever...I love you with an honest love..
a pure love...a love that will always endure..."

December, 2000


"Lion Heart"
being played at your pleasure.



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