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Summer of 2001

Once upon a time
 two restless souls looked into the twilight,
one at eve's approach, the other at first light, 
lost in thought to the question that had been preoccupying 
their deepest yearning for what seemed like eternity...

They gazed at the distance, searched the skies
Where did they hear the beatings of  hearts? 
These melodious drummings of passion and love
Came only from within and its twin heart afar.

"I'm missing you so!
I started the day feeling so incompletely. 
My body had left your place yet my soul still lingers around there. 
I find myself floating around here like a living dead... 
walking, breathing... but unfeeling... 
I can't get myself yet on the ground to feel the earth. 
I am still unwilling to leave that part of heaven 
where I had been with you these past few days." 






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